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Cellular Concrete Foaming Agents

2022-12-22 12:20:04  News

Cellular concrete is a lightweight, flowable, high strength, fire resistant, thermally insulative and durable material. Cellular concrete is used in a variety of applications such as acoustical insulative, architectural, precast and building material.

Cellular concrete is produced by incorporating an externally generated foam into the concrete slurry. The foam can be either protein-based, synthetic or protein/synthetic blend. The chosen type of foaming agent has a significant effect on the foaming and mechanical properties of the concrete.

Aerlite is a synthetic/protein blend foaming agent that produces durable cellular concrete. It is non-permeable and has excellent workability. Another foaming agent is Mearlcrete, a protein-based foaming agent. This agent provides the highest strength and durability.

Compared to the traditional concrete, cellular concrete offers a cost saving, versatile material. It is also a green building material.

It has a high strength in tension and compression and has low water absorption and elasticity. It also has low density and good spreadability.

Aerlite cellular concrete has good fire protection and acoustical absorption. Compared to synthetics, it has a higher break strength.

ISOCEM S/L is an innovative and efficient foaming agent for cellular concrete. It is made of natural surfactants mixed with vegetable raw materials. Unlike the conventional foaming agents, ISOCEM S/L has a unique process of generating a foam that is more stable and softer. Isoltech, the developer of the product, claims that the use of this foaming agent improves product quality by controlling the reaction between the aluminum powder and the mortar slurry.

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