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clc manufacturing is the process of producing foam concrete. It consists of millions of micro-sized air bubbles which are pressed together with cement to form concrete. The production process of these blocks does not release any harmful effluents to the air or water, so they are eco-friendly.

CLC blocks can be used for the construction of buildings like subways, high-rises, and air conditioning buildings as they are very light in weight, have good sound, thermal and strength properties. They are also fired resistant, termite and moisture-absorbent.

Paint Savings: These CLC blocks have a better finishing than traditional bricks, which reduces the amount of paint required for the wall. They also have a low density and are two to three times lighter than clay bricks.

Eco Friendly: These blocks are made up of waste materials like fly ash and other industrial waste materials, which protects the environment. Moreover, the foam concrete does not contain any harmful effluents to the environment in the production process.

The CLC blocks are light in weight and densities range from 300 kg/m3 to 1800 Kg/m3. This leads to speedier construction.

These blocks can be customized to suit the construction requirements. They are also eco-friendly and can be recycled in case of their breakage or destruction.

In the last three years, College of Lake County (CLC) had been working with a goal to occupy an existing facility to serve its students and local businesses. A former big-box store on the campus was purchased and retrofitted into an Advanced Technology Center (ATC) to meet those needs.

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