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CLC Block Making Process

2023-04-29 11:20:04  News

clc block making process is an effective and efficient way to manufacture lightweight concrete blocks for commercial, residential and industrial use. This innovative process combines air bubbles, cement and foaming agents to produce advanced concrete blocks.

Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) is an advanced concrete block made of millions of micro-sized air bubbles and a mixture of fly ash, water, sand, and cement. This material is derived from industrial waste and offers more benefits than traditional red bricks.

Manufacturing a batch of CLC blocks is done with the help of a machine. A hopper of the block making machine receives cement and fly ash in required proportion and then it is mixed with water using a mixer until a suitable slurry is formed.

After achieving the desired density, this slurry is poured into molds for molding. These blocks are then cured for about 18 hours. In some places, steam is used to reduce the time of curing.

This process is a very easy one to operate. It requires minimal maintenance and energy consumption, and also has a very compact design.

Moreover, these blocks can be transported easily and are less expensive than conventional bricks. They are easier to install and have many advantages such as fire resistance, thermal insulation and sound absorption.

These blocks are environmentally friendly as they are derived from industrial waste and can be recycled for reuse. They are also cheaper than other masonry products, require less mortar and are more resistant to termites. They are also durable and can be modified to suit different purposes.

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