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Brief Introduction of Lightweight Concrete Foamed Partition Board

2021-01-27 08:37:33  News

What is concrete foam partition board?

Lightweight cement foamed partition wall panels are made of industrial and agricultural solid wastes (such as fly ash, coal gangue, quartz sand, tailings sand, sawdust, etc.) Cement has the lowest thermal conductivity. The cement insulation core material also compensates for the flammability, permeability, toxicity and short life of traditional materials.

Features of cement foam partition wall

Material saving: Lightweight foamed partition wall panels are made by foaming cement to 8-10 times the original volume and adding about 30% fly ash.

Energy saving: Lightweight foamed partition wall panels can easily achieve more than 65% energy saving effect. Its thermal insulation performance is 10 times that of brick walls.

Recycling: When the product life ends, almost 100% of the core material can be pulverized and recycled.

Longevity: The life of foamed cement can reach more than 100 years.

Cement foam partition wall application:

1. Exterior wall panels

Fire prevention for more than 5 hours, reaching A1 fire rating

Fast installation speed and good insulation performance (the thickness of the wall is equal to the thickness of the insulation layer, no additional insulation layer is required)

The cement surface layer can be painted, tiled, and other decorations without special treatment. Light weight,

Can reduce the amount of steel used in the overall structure

Good seismic performance

2. Internal partition board

Fire prevention for more than 5 hours, reaching A1 fire rating

The sound insulation 120-thick space board reaches 45 decibels, which can meet the sound insulation requirements

Good insulation performance

Light weight

Can reduce the amount of steel used in the overall structure

Can be used as a self-supporting building component

Good seismic performance

3. Floor

Good insulation performance

Fire resistance time is more than 2 hours

Lightweight and high-strength, by adjusting its internal steel frame, it can meet the different load requirements of the design requirements.

Good sound insulation

Fast installation speed, no need to remove the template

4. On the roof

Fire protection time is more than 2 hours

Good insulation performance

Fast installation

Waterproof and moisture-proof

Good sound insulation


Performance characteristics of lightweight cement foamed partition board

1. Fire resistance: The fire resistance time of the wall panel can be up to 5 hours, and the temperature of the back surface is only 46 degrees.

2. High strength: By adjusting the thickness of the cement foamed partition wall and the built-in framework, the bearing capacity of the floor slab is 2.5-5.0KN/m2, and the bearing capacity of the roof slab is 1.0~5.0KN/m2.

3. Insulation and energy saving: wall thickness = thickness of insulation layer, while China's existing building wall energy-saving technologies all adopt the method of adding an additional insulation layer to the outer wall, and the cement foam partition wall can achieve insulation.

4. Lightweight: The weight of the lightweight cement foamed partition wall is only 20% of that of the masonry or cast-in-place structure, and the weight is saved by 80%.

5. Sound insulation: 120mm thick sound insulation coefficient: ≥45 (dB), can easily achieve greater than 60 (dB) by adjusting the plate thickness, surface layer thickness, and sound insulation performance.

6. Hydrophobicity: The unique cement foamed core material of lightweight cement foamed partition wall has a closed-cell structure with a closed-cell ratio of more than 95% and a water absorption rate of less than 2.5%, so it has good hydrophobicity.

7. Durability: a safe service life of 50 years, no need to be replaced within the same life cycle as the building.

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