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Application of Foam Concrete in Roof Engineering

2021-01-26 13:23:12  News

At present, most building roofing projects use polystyrene board (or extruded board) + slag + mortar as materials for insulation layer, slope finding layer, and waterproof leveling layer. However, as modern society requires more and more building construction cycle and safety performance The higher the price, this traditional construction technology can no longer meet the construction requirements. Foamed concrete is favored by more and more projects due to its simple construction process, good fire resistance, excellent air permeability, and low construction cost.

What is foam concrete?

Foamed concrete is also called foamed concrete, foamed cement, etc. It uses a physical method to prepare a foaming agent into a foam, then adds the foam to a slurry made of cement, aggregates, admixtures, admixtures and water, and mixes, stirs, casts, and cures.

Advantages of foam concrete in roof insulation engineering

Thermal insulation of foam concrete

There is a large amount of air in the pores of the foam concrete material. Compared with other materials, the air has the best thermal inertia. The pores inside the material are closed and not connected to each other, and cannot form a convective circulation of air. This greatly reduces the material Thermal conductivity.

The thermal conductivity of the foamed concrete with a density of 350kg/m3 is less than 0.08w/(m·k), the thermal conductivity of the polystyrene board is less than 0.041w/(m·k), and the thermal conductivity of the extruded board is less than 0.030w/(m·k) ). Since the foamed concrete is poured at one time and there are no joints, the hot and cold bridges caused by the joints when the polystyrene board or extruded board is laid are eliminated.

The heat resistance of foam concrete can reach above 500℃, there is no thermal decomposition, so it has a longer service life and will not cause insulation failure.


Drainage and exhaust of foam concrete

The water absorption rate of 350kg/m3 foamed concrete is less than 5%, while the benzene board has a large porosity and its water absorption rate is also high. The water absorption rate of polystyrene board is less than 6.0%, and the water absorption rate of extruded board is less than 1.0%.

The slag is susceptible to moisture and has poor exhaust performance. In order to ensure smooth exhaust, it is generally necessary to add an exhaust pipe. The foam concrete itself has good drainage and exhaust performance, which can reduce the installation of exhaust layers. In addition, the disadvantage that the slag is greatly affected by weather is improved, and the construction period is greatly shortened.

High dry density and high compressive strength

The compressive strength of 350kg/m3 foam concrete is 0.3Mpa, while the compressive strength of polystyrene board is 0.06Mpa, and the compressive strength of extruded board is 0.25Mpa.

Fire resistance of foam concrete

Since foam concrete is a cement inorganic material, it is non-combustible.

Pumpability of foam concrete

When using benzene board and slag as roof insulation and slope finding materials, vertical transportation tools such as construction elevators or tower cranes must be used for transportation. The foamed concrete can be pumped to the roof with a height of 60m using a cement foaming machine, saving a lot of labor, shortening the construction period, avoiding the congestion of vertical transportation vehicles, and creating transportation conditions for other indoor engineering processes.

Laying of foam concrete

Before laying, set up the slope line, and make the gray cake according to the slope line. The foamed concrete is pumped to the roof through a foaming machine for pouring and slope finding. The maintenance will be carried out about 24 hours after the construction is completed.

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