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Application of Foam Concrete in Civil Engineering

2020-12-29 11:35:39  News

Municipal road engineering

(1) New road construction

Foam concrete is mainly used in soft soil embankment, bridgehead embankment, and abutment filling in new road construction. Using the lightweight properties of foamed concrete to build embankments in deep soft soil areas can effectively reduce the additional stress of the base, reduce the settlement of the roadbed, and control the settlement of the roadbed within the allowable range; when applied to the bridgehead embankment, it can reduce the bridge and bridgehead roadbed The settlement is poor, providing more comfortable driving conditions; in the backfilling project of the retaining wall, the light weight and self-support of foam concrete can be used to reduce the lateral pressure of the retaining wall and reduce the wall of the retaining wall The body size reduces the requirement of the retaining wall on the bearing capacity of the foundation.


(2) Road reconstruction and expansion project

In road reconstruction and expansion projects, foam concrete is generally used to widen the subgrade of high-grade roads in soft soil areas. The light weight of foam concrete is used to reduce the settlement difference between the new subgrade and the old subgrade.

(3) Road maintenance engineering

In road maintenance projects, foam concrete can be used for embankment slip treatment, bridge head jumping treatment, foundation void area treatment, pipe culvert foundation disease due to its light weight, fluidity, durability, and ease of construction. Treatment, backfilling of abandoned pipelines, etc.

Underground engineering

In urban underground engineering, the light weight of foamed concrete can play a role in compensating the foundation, reducing the additional stress of the underground structure and ensuring the safety of the engineering structure. For example, in underground tunnel engineering, the tunnel structure design requires that the load of the covering soil must be within the range that the structure can bear. If the actual load of the covering soil exceeds the structural bearing capacity, the overburden must be relieved. The use of cast-in-place foam concrete for replacement is much simpler and more convenient than re-reinforcing the underground tunnel structure, and the cost is low, and it has obvious technical and economic advantages.

Port water conservancy project

The use of foam concrete as the material for the retaining wall of the port gravity wharf can not only meet the anti-sliding stability requirements of the top surface of the foundation bed, but also meet the anti-overturning stability requirements of the front toe of the retaining wall. At the same time, the stress of the foam concrete retaining wall base is smaller. For foundations with smaller bearing capacity, retaining walls with larger dimensions have better applicability. In the heightening and reinforcement of the revetment wall of water conservancy projects, foam concrete has recently become a popular choice for backfilling materials behind the wall. It makes full use of its characteristics of small bulk density, high strength, fast construction speed, and simple construction to effectively reduce the impact of filling behind the wall on the revetment. The load of the wall minimizes the impact of heightening and reinforcement treatment on the revetment wall.

Filling project

In civil engineering, for some narrow underground spaces, such as the surrounding voids of building foundation pits and underground pipeline projects, it has become a major difficulty in engineering construction due to the inability of people and machinery to work or the too small working space to backfill. Using the advantages of cast-in-place foam concrete that can be pumped by hoses, the pouring construction site occupies a very small space, has high fluidity during pouring, and can be solidified after pouring without mechanical rolling or vibrating. These special cavities can be backfilled. To achieve the effect of simple construction and compactness of backfilling, it provides a brand-new technical means for solving the problem of cavity backfilling.

The use of cast-in-situ foamed concrete to fill the mined area of the mine, to give play to the special effect of foam on fluidity, make the filling have obvious advantages of high solidity rate, high filling rate and high roofing rate, which can significantly improve the filling efficiency and filling quality. These advantages enable the cast-in-place foam concrete technology to be widely used in the fields of filling mining and old goaf filling treatment engineering.

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