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Analysis of the advantages of lightweight foam concrete cast-in-place wall

2020-12-18 16:44:04  News

1 Lightweight

Compared with blocks and brick walls of the same thickness, foam concrete (foamed cement) cast-in-situ walls weigh only one-fifth to one-sixth of their weight. For example, buildings have planned to use foamed concrete (foamed cement) from the structural design stage. ) The cast-in-situ wall can reduce the standard of structural cement and steel materials, reduce the weight load of the building, and significantly reduce the overall cost of the building.

2.Fire resistance

The foam concrete (foamed cement) cast-in-situ wall has a fire-resistance limit of 120mm thick, 150mm, 200mm, 240mm, and thickness of 1000 degrees Celsius for more than 4 hours. It does not emit toxic gases, and the non-combustibility meets national A-level standards. It is mainly used in steel structure houses, which not only increases the strength of the steel structure, prolongs the service life of the steel structure (protects the steel structure, does not rust), but also becomes a firewall for the steel structure.

3.Seismic resistance

The design of the foam concrete (foamed cement) cast-in-situ wall is scientific and reasonable. The entire wall is connected to the beam, slab, and column with light steel keel, and then cast. It is tightly combined to form a solid multi-constrained structure. 1.5 times, and at the same time, it has improved the seismic level, suitable for seismic fortification intensity of 8 degrees and below, especially ideal for earthquake-prone areas.

4. Sound insulation and noise reduction

More than 95% of the independent cells in the foamed concrete (foamed cement) cast-in-situ wall constitute a honeycomb structure with suitable ventilation properties. When sound waves are incident on porous material, the air in the pores or gaps is caused to move first, and the air close to the pore wall or fiber surface is difficult to move due to the influence of the pore wall. This viscous nature of the air causes some of the sound energy to become thermal energy. Heat loss between the air in the pores and the heat conduction between the pore walls and the fibers. As a result, sound energy is attenuated. The sound absorption capacity is more than ten times that of ordinary concrete, the sound insulation effect reaches 50db (150mm), and the noise reduction coefficient reaches 0.97. It is a new foam sound absorption sound insulation material. On both sides are high-density pressure cement slabs, and the entire wall forms a "mass-spring-mass" law, which plays a significant role in the sound insulation of houses and buildings. The cast-in-place lightweight composite wall partition wall has a 120mm thick airborne sound insulation weight of 45 decibels; a 150mm thick home soundproofed room sound weighted sound insulation reaches 50 decibels, and a 200mm lush hotel soundproofed wall sound insulation weight reaches 55 decibels. Fully meets the current sound insulation requirements of residences, apartments, and hotels.

5. Thermal insulation

Foam concrete (foamed cement) is an excellent thermal insulation material. The thermal conductivity of 0.06W / (m · K)-0.12W / (m · K) can meet the requirements of self-insulating walls and solve the block wall. Defects of weak thermal insulation effect, and meet the current national household metering heating requirements.

The thermal storage coefficient is high, so under the premise of the same thermal insulation effect as the organic thermal insulation material, the thermal insulation performance will be better, especially in the summer, it can have a significant thermal insulation effect, which can significantly reduce the use of building air conditioning and save energy. At the same time, to ensure the excellent comfort of the residential or office environment, with the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer.

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