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Analysis of performance advantages of polystyrene granular foam concrete materials

2021-01-28 14:11:21  News

What is polystyrene particle foam concrete?

Polystyrene particle foamed concrete refers to adding polystyrene particles to ordinary foamed concrete to disperse the polystyrene particles in the foamed concrete slurry. After the cement is solidified, the foamed concrete wraps the polystyrene particles to make the product become. A new type of thermal insulation product of organic and inorganic "dual foam" composite materials-polystyrene granular foam concrete.


The main advantages of polystyrene granular foam concrete

1. Thermal insulation

The large number of closed bubbles of polyphenyl foam concrete and the extremely low thermal conductivity of polyphenyl particles make the polyphenyl foam concrete have excellent thermal insulation performance, which can meet the thermal insulation requirements of various regions and various purposes. It is an excellent New thermal insulation materials.

2. Sound insulation and shock absorption

The sound insulation capacity is 5-8 times that of ordinary concrete. It has a certain degree of toughness and elasticity, which can greatly improve the sound insulation and shock absorption function of the roof and floor.

3. Fireproof and durable

The main material of polyphenylene particle foam concrete is cement-based material. The polyphenylene particles are wrapped in cement, and the overall structure does not burn, age, or deform, and has the same life span as the building, which can effectively avoid fires.

4. Lightweight and high strength

The dry density of polystyrene foam concrete is only 1/8-1/10 of ordinary concrete, the compressive strength is 0.5Mpa-1.5Mpa, and the bearing capacity is strong.

5. Excellent combination

Polystyrene granular foam concrete generally adopts on-site pouring construction, and is closely integrated with the base layer. Its low shrinkage, high compressive strength and bonding strength can maintain various filling structures and achieve good integrity with the main building . It fundamentally solves the quality problems of surface hollowing, collapse, and cracking caused by the separation of traditional thermal insulation materials from the base layer, poor compactness, and weak adhesion.

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