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Analysis of Performance Advantages of Polystyrene Granular Foam Concrete Materials

2020-12-18 17:02:08  News

What is lightweight partition board?

Lightweight partition board is a new type of energy-saving wall material. It is a wall material that looks like a hollow floor slab, but it has male and female tongue grooves on both sides. When installing, you only need to stand up the board and coat the male and female falcons. Put a small amount of caulking mortar and assemble it together. It is composed of harmless phosphogypsum, light steel slag, fly ash and other industrial waste residues, which are cured by variable frequency steam pressure.

What is polystyrene particle lightweight partition board?

Polyphenyl particle lightweight partition board, also known as lightweight strip board, is a composite solid board, which is made of fiber cement flat board or fiber reinforced calcium silicate board as the panel and the sandwich layer material. The core of the board The materials are polystyrene particles and cement, and the panels generally use fiber cement boards, fiber-reinforced calcium silicate boards, Bomei boards, and gypsum boards.

Polyphenyl cement slats have become the first choice for interior wall partitions, and have the following advantages:

1. Green

The raw materials used in the lightweight partition board do not contain harmful substances to the human body, and there is no radioactive Class A product. Second, high strength, light weight, and stable size.

2. The lightweight partition board is composed of calcium silicate board, polyphenylene particles, and foamed concrete, which can be combined organically, especially calcium silicate is formed into a board with very high strength; polyphenylene particles and foamed concrete are mixed in proportion , Light weight; under rapid temperature changes, the size of the board is relatively stable, and there is no change in expansion and contraction, mainly because the foamed concrete is wrapped outside the polystyrene particles to form a stable air film structure. The lightweight partition wall system has a compact structure, good integrity, no deformation, and the wall is not easy to loosen.

3. Fire and non-combustibility

The fire resistance limit of the lightweight partition wall at a high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius exceeds 4 hours, and it does not emit toxic gases, and its non-combustibility meets the national A-level standard.

4. Sound insulation and heat preservation

The internal components of the lightweight partition board have good sound insulation effects. The sound insulation of the 90mm-thick wall board is 43dB. Its sound insulation effect meets the sound insulation requirements of national residences and is much higher than that of other panels. Calcium silicate board was originally used for thermal insulation, so the light-weight partition board composed of calcium silicate board, polystyrene particles, and foamed concrete has excellent thermal insulation performance.

5. Moisture-proof and waterproof

Experiments have proved that without any waterproof finish, the lightweight partition board is cemented to form a pool filled with water, the back of the wall can be kept dry, leaving no traces, and there will be no condensation in humid weather. Water drops, lightweight partition wall panels are suitable for wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

6. Anti-insect, anti-termite and anti-corrosion

Lightweight partition wall board is obviously better than wooden wallboard. It has natural anti-insect and anti-term characteristics. If you are in a termite-prone area or an area where the dry and wet environment often changes, it is best to choose this light partition wall board as the board. .

7. Machinability, slotted wiring, nail hanging and pasting

It can be arbitrarily slotted and wired according to construction needs, nailed or installed with expansion bolts to hang heavy objects, such as air conditioners, etc., the single-point hanging force is above 45kg; and the surface of the wall panel is flat and smooth without dust, and can be directly Paste ceramic tiles, wallpaper, wood veneers and other materials for finishing.

8. Seismic resistance and good integrity

Lightweight partition board, with male and female falcon slot design, easy to install, board and board can be connected into a whole, impact resistance is 1.5 times that of general masonry; if anchored by steel structure method, the wall has high strength and can be used as a layer The overall seismic performance of the partition wall with high and large span is many times higher than that of ordinary masonry walls.

9. Simple construction, high efficiency, short construction period

Lightweight partition wall panel, can be used for dry work, fabricated construction, wall panel can be cut to adjust width and length at will. During construction, the transportation is simple and the stacking is hygienic, without the need for mortar, greatly shortening the construction period, and the material loss rate is low, reducing construction waste.

10. Increase the use area

Lightweight partition wall panels have 75mm, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm wall thickness series. We compare the thinnest 75mm thickness lightweight partition wall panels with the red brick masonry wall with the thinnest 120mm thickness, which is 85mm less than the thickness. , Which means that every 11.8m extension can increase the usable area by 1. In addition, the lightweight partition board does not need to be plastered, and the surface can be directly hung with putty, and ceramic tiles, wallpaper, wood veneers and other materials can be directly attached, while the 120mm single brick wall needs double-sided plastering.

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