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Allied's Portable Foam Concrete Machine

2023-04-10 09:35:03  News

Make lightweight foam concrete production a simple task on your jobsite with the portable foam concrete machine.

Allied's range of compact, versatile, and mobile foam generating equipment is used worldwide wherever versatile porous lightweight concrete is needed.

Foam concrete is a type of cementitious material that contains more than 20% by volume of air entrained in the form of a pre-formed foam. The resulting mix is lighter in weight than traditional concrete, while providing the same structural and performance characteristics.


In addition to their use as a lightweight concrete, foaming agents are also used in the manufacture of polystyrene concrete and plaster mixes. They can be used as an alternative to standard concrete to provide insulation, sound-proofing, or other benefits.

The density of foam concrete can be a major factor affecting its compressive strength, thermal conductivity and other properties. Depending on the type of foaming agent and its composition, the density of cellular concrete will vary from 400 kg/m3 to 1600kg/m3.

Protein-based foaming agents are known for their ability to create larger air-voids that can result in a higher compression strength for low densities. In comparison, foaming agents that are made from synthetics have smaller voids and are known to have lower compression strengths at higher densities.

In order to determine the properties of foam concrete and its potential uses, research was performed on a wide range of mixtures with various densities. It was found that the compressive strength of foam concrete decreased exponentially with the reduction of its density.

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