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Advantages of Lightweight Lithium Soap Based Grease

2022-12-11 20:20:04  News

Compared to other types of grease, lithium soap based grease has many advantages. For example, it has high load capabilities and can be pumped. It also has good mechanical properties.

In addition to its excellent mechanical properties, lithium soap-based grease has improved water resistance properties. This type of grease is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Lithium complex thickeners are among the most common thickeners used in the lubricating grease industry. They offer a wide range of application advantages, including good heat resistance and shear stability.

A new approach to producing lithium complex grease has been shown to yield better dropping points and shear stability. The technique can be used to open grease kettles and to use less lithium. It's also compatible with additives commonly found in finished lithium complex grease.

Lithium complex greases are usually produced by adding lithium hydroxide to a thickener acid in a base oil. The two are then subjected to heating and cooling cycles to finish the product. The result is a grease that's versatile, tolerant to heat and water, and durable.

Although lithium soap-based greases are more expensive than other grease types, they have many advantages. They're typically the most economical choice for certain applications. They have better high temperature performance and shear resistance than calcium or sodium soap thickeners. The limited solubility of the grease helps it resist washing by water. Its shear stability is also better than other types of greases.

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