Foam Concrete Inorganic Waterproof Agent

2018-07-12 16:31:22

                                                                  Foam Concrete Inorganic Waterproof Agent


  Water repellent is independently developed by Tongrun for the foam concrete industry. It can be refined under certain conditions. The product is made of inorganic materials and biomass materials. It does not contain any chlorine salt and sulfate components. It is a compound cement admixture that is specially used for foam concrete. The product meets the requirements of the national standard GB8076-1997 "Concrete admixture" standard.


  1, This product is green, non-toxic, tasteless and non-corrosive. The addition amount is 0.75% of the dry powder and the water absorption rate does not exceed 7.5% after 48 hours.

  2, It is easy to stir the cement material, resulting in less floating, shorter stirring time, and more uniform stirring.

  3, Cost-effective, less dosage, cheaper prices, it can be added directly during the production process.

  4,Not having any negative effect on the strength and condensation of the product, it helps to improve the waterproof effect of the product

  5, With wide application range, it can be used for foamed concrete, mortar, paint and other substrates with various types of marked cement


  1, First mix the ordinary silicon cement or Sulphur-aluminum cement, fly ash, stabilizing foam enhancer, water repellent agent, etc., 2, Then add it the foaming agent together at a high speed until it is evenly mixed.

  2, Finally pour it into the mold for standing foam, foaming process about 5 minutes


  1, Cast-in-place concrete, hydrogen peroxide foamed concrete, prefabricated reinforced concrete, and fly ash-incorporated foam concrete for physical foaming concrete.

  2, It is widely used in foam concrete soil engineering and products such as steam-free self-insulating blocks, foamed cement insulation boards, cast-in-place foam concrete and steamed-entrained aerated blocks.

  3, Portland cement, ordinary portland cement, slag portland cement, fly ash silicate and pozzolanic portland cement all have better adaptability.

  4, For the preparation of early strength, high strength, high impermeability, self-compacting, pumping foam concrete and flow grouting material.

  5, It is used to formulate various series of foam concrete admixtures.