Water reducing agent for cellular lightweight concrete

2019-01-11 09:43:53

Product introduction about water reducing agent for cellular lightweight concrete

Tongrun now launched a kind of chemical synthesis of high efficiency water reducing agent. It presents in yellow-brown powder and has strong effect for cement particles, which can improve properties of the foam concrete.

Performance and characteristics of the water reducing agent:

1. This product conforms to the concrete admixture GB8076-97 national grade a standard.
2. The dosage of cement is 0.5%~1%, and the water reducing rate is 18-28%. The product can make the foam concrete when  proportion is moderate in one day, and make the strength increased by 20% - 30% after three days.
3. It can improve the structure of the foam concrete with all kinds of mechanics performance, and improve the workability, impermeability, durability, which belongs to high quality foam concrete admixtures.
4. It has high early strength and  post strength. After a year, the effect will be better.

5. It can be applied in compensating either shrinkage or expansion, remarkably improving the crack resistance of products. The unique design is suitable for large and small volume of foam concrete

6. It has good dispersibility. It is less floating, which  has a good effect in supporting for foam. It has 48 hours good waterproof performance, and its bibulous rate is less than 6%

7. It is compatible with most of the existing reusable dispersed powder system, promoting agent, retarder and contraction admixture.

Scope of application:
1.It is mainly used for physical foaming concrete, adding hydrogen peroxide foam concrete
2. To adapt to the preparation of early strength, high strength, high permeability, self-compacting, pumping concrete and grouting material.
3. Can be widely used in natural curing and steam curing of concrete engineering and products.
4.It has good adaptability for Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement, slag Portland cement, fly ash silicate and ash Portland cement.
5. Can be used in the preparation of various series of concrete admixtures.
Method of use:

Dosage of cement is 0.5%~1%; water reducing rate is 18-28%; fineness is 0.315 MM < 10%


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