The Market of Lubricant Antiwear Agent Will Continue to Expand

2019-04-08 15:11:17

The global average annual output of lubricant additives is relatively stable, with an average annual growth rate of only about 1%.At present, the total production capacity of lubricating oil additives at home and abroad is about 4.5 million tons, and 90% of the market share is occupied by famous large companies, among which the famous four giants are lubricants, chevron, runying, and everton.Except for one or two special dosage forms, these four giants generally only sell compound additives, while the single dosage form lubricant additive market is mainly controlled by ciba, romanks, Vanderbilt and other enterprises.

Industrial lubricant additives are mainly friction improver, pressure antiwear agent, rust inhibitor, metal deactivator and antioxidant.Extreme pressure antiwear agent refers to that when the surface of metal parts bears a large external force, making the area of direct contact between metal and metal become larger. When conventional wear-resistant agents fail, they can form chemical bonds with the metal surface and reduce the friction between parts, thus reducing energy consumption and improving the service life of parts.

With the gradual improvement of application requirements, lubricating oil additives are gradually developing towards the direction of high performance, multi-function and environment-friendly.

In terms of the body, the requirements of lubricating oil mainly develop towards the direction of low smell, no pollution and wide adaptability.Therefore, some additives containing sulfur, chlorine and heavy metals will be replaced.For ash, toxic and harmful, easy to cause precipitation additives will be gradually replaced;The properties of additives with narrow adaptability and no high or low temperature properties will be further improved.

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