Super Hydrophobic Material Makes Life Better

2019-03-12 16:59:03

Superhydrophobic technology may be a new style of technology with special surface properties. it's waterproof, fog-proof, snowproof, pollution-proof, oxidisation resistant, corrosion resistant, self-cleaning and current conductivity resistant. it's a awfully wide application prospect in several fields like research, production and life.Ultra-hydrophobic technology is additionally of nice sensible significance for the anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-fouling of the development trade, automobile trade|industry and metal industry.

The contact Angle and rolling Angle ar the foremost common criteria to live the surface wettability.Generally refers to the alleged super hydrophobic surface and surface contact Angle is larger than a hundred and fifty °, stable rolling contact Angle is a smaller amount than ten °.In nature, several plant leaf surfaces and waterbird feathers have super property, like odonate wings, water skater legs and lotus leaves, among that the foremost typical is that the "lotus leaf effect".
Application of superhydrophobic materials
Superhydrophobic materials ar in the main utilized in the fields of construction, industrial and agricultural production, pipeline transportation, medical treatment and health care, national defense and military affairs by virtue of their superior options of self-cleaning, anti-fouling and anti-adhesion. the subsequent ar specific application analysis.
1. Application of superhydrophobic surface materials in up buoyancy of ships
As a matter of truth, the water skater didn't break the surface of the water, nor did he wet his legs.Known as a "skater during a pond", the speculation goes that water striders, with their small nanostructures on their legs and a "cushion of air" between the surface of the water, keep water droplets from obtaining wet, creating them a natural version of "water striders".According to perceive, the utilization of latest super hydrophobic materials super buoyancy material, will create the ship features a super hydrophobic surface, and so fashioned in its surface specific version of the "air cushion", amendment the ship and water contact state, stop the hull surface is wet, and create it run within the water resistance of smaller, faster, save the energy.Researchers have shown that "flying on water" will effectively improve the speed of vehicles and avoid wasting energy, which can additionally result in a revolution within the field of transportation and energy.

2. Application of superhydrophobic surface materials in pipeline transportation
The pipeline transportation of fossil fuel thanks to its long transmission distance, the benefits of less complicated circuit controlled equipments has become the most transportation mode of onshore fossil fuel resources, howeverbecause of fossil fuel typically contains corrosive materials like sulphide, CO2 and water, and pipeline susceptible to uniform corrosion, erosion corrosion and chemical science corrosion, erosion and different phenomena.The transmission potency of fossil fuel is low because of rough inner surface of pipeline.Aiming at these issues, severalstudents have done tons of labor during this field, like metal and its alloy preparation of super hydrophobic film on the surface, create its anti-corrosion ability raised considerably, carbon nanotubes bonding surface to create a composite structure within the surface of base material metal plate, so use PTFE changed the composite surface to create a layer of super hydrophobic PTFE membrane.
3. Application of superhydrophobic materials in materials and filtration materials
Various small - and nano-structured fibers with super property are often ready by electricity spinning or surface treatment.Due to the super hydrophobic property, this sort of fabric are often wont to create waterproof film, hydrophobic filter film and waterproof breathable film, etc., or create the material waterproof, anti-pollution, anti-dust and different new functions because of the hydrophobic property.German company BASF additionally applied lotus leaf result to textiles, and developed polyester waterproof, sunshade and consumer goods cloth with super hydrophobic self-cleaning operate.
4. Application of superhydrophobic materials in microfluidic management
The non-wetting and low surface viscous force of superhydrophobic materials create them wonderful in microfluidic management applications.For example, the movement and flow of small droplets are often controlled. If the tip of the microsyringe is employed, the attachment of high-priced medicine to the tip are often fully eliminated, and also the waste of medical provides and also the pollution of the tip are often relieved.If this sort of technology is applied to such fields as spraying, like the utilization of super hydrophobic materials to form paint spray nozzle, etc., the spray droplets are going to be a lot of uniform, atomization result is healthier, are oftenutilized in the spray result has special needs occasions, so as to point out its sensible characteristics.

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