Progress in the Application of Zinc Stearate

2018-11-28 10:16:11

Zinc stearate sol is an aqueous dispersion which is milky white, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and meets environmental protection requirements. It is easily dispersed in water, has ultrafine particle size and good dispersion and compatibility. Easy to defoam, with excellent lubrication and fineness, good heat resistance, good transparency, not easy to precipitate, good yellowing resistance, fast drying and increased grinding, can improve the surface of the coating The hydrophobicity and lubricity improve and improve the smoothness of the coating. Zinc stearate sol also has good film-forming properties, and has good compatibility with many developers. It can be widely used in the paper industry to improve the aging resistance and whiteness of the surface of the paper coating layer. PaintThe hydrophobicity of the surface of the coating is such that adhesion between the layers of the paper does not occur, thereby improving and improving the smoothness and gloss of the surface of the paper. The zinc stearate lubricant can be used as a coating process aid and as a functional additive for coated paper.

It is precisely because zinc stearate sol is an aqueous dispersion-stabilizing system with many excellent properties, which makes it widely used in many fields in practical production, and is often used in rubber, plastics, paints, inks, paints, In cosmetics, thermal paper and other industries.

1 Used as a heat stabilizer for PVC

PVC is one of the most widely used and most widely used plastics in the world. PVC resin and its products also have their own structural defects, and there are disadvantages of easy thermal degradation and aging. In order to prevent thermal degradation and aging of PVC, it is necessary to add a heat stabilizer. The earliest used heat stabilizer is lead salt, which has low price and strong stabilizing effect, but it will cause environmental pollution during production and use. As a non-toxic product, zinc salt has a broad market prospect in adapting to the development requirements of heat stabilizers.

2 Used to improve the opening of LDPE film

With the development of packaging industry technology in China, the demand for LDPE (low density high pressure polyethylene) film products and product quality are increasing, and new requirements are placed on the products, especially the opening properties of LDPE film bags have become a measure. An important technical indicator of product quality. The addition of zinc stearate lubricant to the production of LDPE film can effectively change the problem of poor opening of the product and improve the market competitiveness of the product.

3 Used as a catalyst for TDC synthesis

Toluene diisocyanate (TDI) is an important raw material for the production of polyurethane. Its polyurethane products are widely used in electromechanical, marine, aerospace, civil engineering, light industry and textile industries. However, the production of raw materials in TDI is highly toxic and pollutes the environment. The realization of the “zero emission” green synthesis process is in line with the direction of the chemical industry to the development of clean chemical industry.

4 Other uses

Zinc stearate also acts as a foaming accelerator to lower the decomposition temperature of the blowing agent. Zinc stearate has good lubricity, can improve precipitation and scaling, and has the functions of vulcanization active agent, lubricant, mold release agent and softener in the rubber industry; zinc stearate in mercury-free alkaline manganese battery In the positive electrode powder, it mainly plays a role in lubrication, which is beneficial to the formation of the positive electrode ring and does not participate in the discharge. It can also be used as a thermosetting plastic lubricant such as phenolic or amino group, and a release agent.

Since zinc stearate has water repellency and lubricity, it can be used in leather making to obtain a leather which is excellent in water repellency and fullness. Because zinc stearate is insoluble in water, it can be removed from wastewater by precipitation. Therefore, it has a broad application prospect in tanning and is one of the innovative ways of clean tanning.

Zinc stearate is insoluble in water, has good water repellency, and has excellent skin affinity, which makes it a raw material for cosmetics and has been widely used. Zinc stearate can also be used as an emollient and thickener in the cosmetic industry to improve the fragrantness and stretchability of powdered cosmetics.

In addition, in the natural rubber industry, zinc stearate can also act as a release agent and processing aid. Because zinc stearate has good dispersibility, water repellency, lubricity, non-toxicity, homogeneity, etc., it can be used as a coloring dispersant in the plastics industry; as a coating glazing agent, it can be used in textile production; coating The industry can prevent the printing materials from sticking to each other; the zinc stearate sol can also be used in putty or in concrete; it is also used in the sandpaper industry.

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