Environmentally Strict Investigation What Kind of Fun Market for Foaming Cement

2018-12-04 16:44:53

At present, China is strictly checking whether the environmental protection systems of large, medium and small-sized enterprises are up to standard and rectified. Large enterprise production system is relatively standardized, small enterprises

If the industry can't avoid it, it will close. This requires the foaming cement industry to gradually shift to scale, refinement and high quality. Excellent production

In order to stand on the market.

Foamed cement products such as aerated blocks, steam-free blocks, lightweight partition boards, insulation boards, and other market-oriented products must have industry support to have new

breakthrough. Today we look at several factors that affect the performance of foamed cement products. For your production, we refer to

1. The type of cement used.

The solid phase volume of Portland cement increases during hydration hardening, while the cement water addition system shrinks, followed by cement hydration process.

It is also accompanied by an exotherm, causing the initial volume to expand and shrinking upon cooling, resulting in an increase in apparent shrinkage. At the same time different grades of cement such as 325

The 425 grade cement also affects the strength of the later stage of the foamed cement product. The composition of cement in the north and south is also very different. In the process of cement foaming,

Some cements cannot foam. Therefore, when selecting cement, it is necessary to select the cement with the appropriate model number according to the performance of the product.

2. Adding amount and quality of foaming cement admixture

Foamed cement admixtures mainly refer to foaming agents, foam stabilizers, reinforcing agents, water reducing agents, anti-cracking agents, etc.

The product plays a very important role. The quality of the foaming agent directly affects the foaming effect. Whether the foaming effect is good or not directly affects whether the foaming product is added.

Shrinking down. The quality of all of these admixtures and the appropriate amount of addition directly affect the foaming effect. So to make foam products, choose quality.

Good admixtures can stabilize the product in the late stage.

3. Influence of water-cement ratio and curing conditions

The water-cement ratio of foam concrete is often as high as 0.7 or even 0.8. Excess water will evaporate when exposed to high temperature or dry environment.

The foam concrete shrinks and cracks. Especially in the early stages of molding, this situation is particularly serious when there is a lack of effective maintenance. This shows that

The low water-cement ratio is a key factor in ensuring that the foamed concrete does not crack. Reasonable construction maintenance plan, precise water cement ratio, science

The maintenance method can ensure that the foam concrete is no longer cracked! High-quality foamed cement products can be made without cracking.

To sum up the above, fully consider these points and improve the entire production system. The small problems in the foaming system were found to be solved in time.

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