Development Status of Organic Molybdenum as Lubricant dditive

2018-10-15 16:02:44

Friction is common in two surfaces that are in contact with each other and move with each other. The mechanical movement resistance caused by friction can cause loss of energy, as well as surface wear and, in severe cases, even wear and tear of parts. Currently, about one-third of the world's total energy is consumed by friction. In order to reduce friction and reduce energy consumption, the world is vigorously developing various lubricating materials. The molybdenum-containing lubricating material has been widely used in the world because it can form a complex Mo-containing lubricating film on the friction surface and has excellent friction properties.

Molybdenum (MoDTC) has excellent antifriction and antiwear properties, good thermal stability, high decomposition temperature and good oxidation resistance. MoDTC and other additives such as antioxidants can also produce a certain synergistic effect, slowing down the process of oxidation-induced degradation of friction. The friction decomposition products of this organic molybdenum are mainly molybdenum disulfide. The layered structure of molybdenum disulfide is connected by van der Waals force and the shear stress is small. Therefore, the organic molybdenum can greatly reduce the friction coefficient and reduce The role of the motorcycle. At the same time, MoDTC is less corrosive to copper (but still has some corrosion). In the gradual reduction of the use of phosphorus-containing organic molybdenum, MoDTC meets the standard low phosphorus standard for internal combustion engine oil, becoming the most widely used type of organic molybdenum.

Chemical structure of MoDTC

A large number of experiments have confirmed that organic molybdenum is a highly anti-wear agent and has a wide range of applications. It can be added to a variety of lubricants and greases and can be used in various friction pairs.

In addition to basic mineral oils such as liquid paraffin, organic molybdenum additives have good performance in synthetic oils such as PAO, polyether oil and various vegetable oils. Besides being mainly used in engine oils, they can also be used in the lubrication of rolling fluids and vehicle chassis. In the fat. Organic molybdenum additives have antifriction effects on friction pairs of various materials such as alloy steel, phosphor bronze and various diamond-like coatings.

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