Concrete Foaming Agent advantage

2019-02-14 15:40:44

Concrete Foaming Agent advantage

1 herbal based, there may be no dangerous impact on the environment.

2 high foam surface membrane have energy

3 In case the increase of the froth surface charge having a dividing functionality.

4 Antibacterial which can be powerful against mold in concrete

5  Foam density  among 80 to 95 g/l to be adjusted

6 Concrete density 115 kgs/m3 – 1600 kgs/m3 to be adjusted

7 acquired pores provide the concrete excessive insulation

8 No extent loss in concrete mixing time

9 minimum extent losing during pumping time

10 makes use of with all type cement

11 It reduces the setting time of concrete. Air temperature 25 ° C-molding time of five hours

12 strong foam stay upright approximately 6 hours

13 Do no longer placed pressure on employees because of be smelling he

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