Application of foaming agent in construction industry

2019-03-22 15:52:05

1. Application of foaming agent in highway light backfill soil

When foaming agent is added into the soil, the light soil has the property of self-leveling, and this kind of light soil with high mobility has good pumpability, which can be filled into a narrow space by pumping, so as to avoid the defect of insufficient conventional packing.When it is used to backfill the roadbed of highway abutment, it can solve the problems such as post-construction settlement and bridge head jump caused by insufficient preloading in the soft foundation section.

2. Application of foaming agent in masonry blocks and various light board materials

Frame structure is the most commonly used structural form in Chinese building structure, while the filled wall is mainly made of block.Filled block with foaming agent is widely used for its light weight, heat insulation, moisture proof and sound insulation.In the south is mainly used for insulation layer, the north is mainly used for wall insulation, high and low temperature can be used, the biggest feature is use of foaming agent after block insulation insulation specialty.

3. Application of foaming agent in foamed concrete

The foaming agent is added to the concrete to form light and high strength foamed concrete.Because foamed concrete has many internal pores, it saves the amount of cement and reduces its own weight, thus achieving the purpose of reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment.The application of foaming agent in China started from the promotion of building energy conservation policy, and was first used in light partition panel and foamed concrete, and formed its own technical system in the process of research and use.


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