About Foam Concrete Foam Cement Admixtures

2018-11-28 15:23:26

The foamed cement admixture is an additive that needs to be additionally added during the cement foaming process to improve the foaming system. Whether you are doing foam coagulation.

Earth insulation board, foamed cement partition board, self-insulating block, or steam-free block, all need an admixture to assist the foaming agent to complete the foaming system.

The problem of the amount of foaming cement admixture is of concern to everyone, but the more important question is how to choose foamed cement admixture?

How can I choose a variety of admixtures on the market? Come and come, Energy Saving Jun gives you some loyal suggestions for your reference today.

The first is to choose a professional manufacturer. There are many manufacturers of foaming cement foam stabilizers on the market. Many are halfway out

Home, others sell me, I sell you. I don't know much about the performance of my products. A reliable manufacturer must have mastered its own ratio.

Can prepare to analyze the problems encountered in the foaming process, guide the adjustment of the formula, crack the cause, not the corresponding recommended cracking of the foaming cement

Agent. The overall analysis of water-cement ratio, analysis of external additives, and finally the entire system is summarized. Find a suitable admixture

The second is to understand the ingredients of the admixture. Do you know the main ingredients of foaming cement foam stabilizer? Foamed cement foam stabilizer has a very strong surface

High activity. The foaming cement foam stabilizer is essentially its surface active effect. Without surface activity, it can't foam, so it can't

It becomes a foaming cement foam stabilizer, and the surface activity is the core of foaming. The main components inside are mainly phosphorus-based salts and the like.

Alkyl dimethyl amine oxide, alkyl alcohol amide, and the like.

Third, whether it is to make a wall or a block, it is necessary to comprehensively calculate the cost of the foaming cement admixture. There are a lot of stables on the market today.

The amount of the foaming agent is small and the cost is low. In fact, you can see the price of the foam stabilizer material, you will find that the price of 3 yuan a kilogram

The foaming agent can't be done at all. In this case, there is something in the foam stabilizer, and I think about it again. Industrial products are bought

Quality, poor product foaming is not successful, the product does not form. Also talk about profits. One point price, one price, expensive, expensive, cheap

The cheap way. Everyone knows these things. The product quality is good, and the addition of more than 1-2 yuan is no problem. This is the way to great wisdom. and so Everyone must be in the right position when choosing, don't be smart and be mistaken.

In summary, grasp these three points, everyone can use the foaming cement a series of additives, use the rest assured, use the comfort.

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