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Naphthalene superplasticizer Water reducing agent Concrete Admixture

2019-01-11 08:55:01

Numbering: TR-NA02

The naphthalene superplasticizer has the advantages of high water-reducing rate (15% to 25%), no bleed air, little influence on the setting time, relatively good adaptability to cement, and can be combined with other various admixtures.

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Description of concrete water reducer

Concrete water reducer has the functions of non-air entrainment, superplasticization, high efficiency water reduction and enhancement. The main component is β-naphthalenesulfonic acid formaldehyde high polycondensate. Concrete water reducer has strong adaptability to cement, less admixture, and is easy to use. It is especially suitable for normal concrete and steam-cured concrete with high efficiency water reduction and reinforcement requirements. It can also be used as the parent material of composite concrete admixture. It can be widely used in pumping concrete, high-strength precast and prestressed concrete, large volume concrete, centrifugal concrete, etc.

Technical performance of concrete water reducer

(1)Concrete water reducer has obvious water-reducing and dispersing effect. The water-reducing rate is 15%-25%, which can improve the fluidity of cement paste in the case of low water-cement ratio;

(2)Concrete water reducer can effectively increase the fluidity of concrete, reduce bleeding and segregation, thereby improving the workability of concrete, easy for construction and easy to compact;

(3)The enhancement effect is excellent. Under the condition of the same amount of cementing material, the compressive strength of concrete with high efficiency water reducer 1d, 3d, 7d, 28d and 90d can be increased by 60~70%, 50~60%;

(4) Concrete water reducer has strong adaptability. The product is suitable for various specifications and types of cement, compatible with expanding admixture, air entraining agent and other concrete admixture and fly ash and other active admixtures. It has excellent adaptability, functions complement each other and stimulate each other, which can comprehensively improve the main The physical and mechanical properties, the compactness of the concrete, the water resistance and the abrasion resistance have been greatly improved;

(5) The setting time is suitable. The product has little effect on the initial and final setting time of cement, and the setting time difference is generally within 1 hour;

(6)Excellent product safety performance. It is non-toxic, non-irritating and radioactive, and it does not contain any substances that have the risk of corroding steel bars.

Use and precautions of concrete water reducer

(1)Mixing amount: The mixing water reducer's mixing amount range is: powder 0.3%-1.5%, commonly used mixing amount is 0.5-1.0%;

(2)Adding method: easy to use. The solid product can be used directly, or it can be dissolved in water first and formulated into a solution type admixture for use. It can meet the requirements of various occasions or stirring models. For some special requirements of the construction process such as long-distance transportation or transportation, it can also be added 15-20 seconds after the mixing water during the mixing process, which can make the effect of concrete admixture more significant;

(3) Accurate measurement, properly extend the mixing time, especially powder products, to ensure that the additives are evenly dispersed in the concrete;

(4)Strengthen maintenance. The concrete should be covered and watered immediately after final setting. During winter construction, measures such as surface covering should be taken to prevent surface frost damage. For large flowing concrete, the second plastering shall be carried out in time according to the specifications.

Packaging and storage of concrete water reducer

(1)Packaging for concrete water reducer:The powder is packaged in a woven bag lined with plastic film, the net weight of each bag is 40 kg. If special specifications are needed, they can be customized in advance;

(2)The powder should be stored in the warehouse, pay attention to moisture, but the damping does not affect the use effect. It can be crushed or formulated into an aqueous solution before use. Under normal conditions, the powder storage period is three years, and physical tests should be re-exceeded beyond the storage period.


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