MoDTC MoDDC dithiocarbamate Molybdenum

2018-07-16 15:15:18

Product Description:
The molybdenum urethane complex is a non-phosphorus anti-wear anti-friction and anti-oxidation additive in the form of a solid powder. The product has a high content of molybdenum and sulfur. In the grease, the friction and wear of the friction pair surface can be significantly reduced, and the load capacity and energy economy can be improved. This product has good synergistic effect with conventional anti-wear friction reducer and antioxidant. Due to the non-phosphorus multifunctional additive, the addition of this product can reduce the phosphorus content of the grease, which is in line with the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection.
CAS No.: 68412-26-0
Typical technical data:
Project Molybdenum carbamate complex
Chemical composition: molybdenum di(n-butyl)dithiocarbamate
Appearance: light yellow powder
Density: ( 15.6 ° C ), g/cm 3 1.58
Initial melting point: 257 ° C
Mo % 26-28
S % 23-26
Solubility insoluble in water and petroleum based base oils, slightly soluble in phosphate esters and some ester synthetic oils

Recommended dosage: Grease: 1.0% - 3.0%
Product safety: same as general chemical products, no special safety measures are required.
Storage and Transportation: Implement the SH0164 standard.


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