MODTP MODDP molybdenum dialkyldithiophosphate

2018-07-16 15:30:17

Product performance
The agent is composed of elements such as Mo, S, N, P, etc., and the lubricating oil prepared by using the additive:
The coefficient of friction can be reduced by 50-80%;
The degree of wear can be reduced by more than 3 times;
Save fuel 3-8%;
The service life of lubricating oil can be extended by more than 70%;
Physical and chemical indicators
Appearance: brownish yellow liquid
Density (15.6 ° C) g / cm3 1.0-1.05
Kinematic viscosity (100 ° C mm2 / s) 7.0-15.0
Flash point (opening °C) ≥130
Molybdenum % 8.5-10.0
Sulfur % >9.0
Phosphorus % >3.0
Solubility Soluble in mineral oil and synthetic oil
The agent undergoes a high-temperature thermoelectric reaction at the moment of friction pairing, and autocatalyzes the formation of a sulfur-containing extreme pressure film and a film in which MoO3 is hard to be peeled off, and forms an alkyl sulfide, which reacts with the metal surface to provide an anti-wear effect, and at the same time produces a nano-scale. MoS2 fills the recesses, reduces friction and increases lubrication. Molybdenum carbamate is currently the first choice for the addition of high quality automotive engine oils, and is well received by the market for its unique phosphorus-free advantages.
Application range
Internal combustion engine oil, gear oil, etc.
The product should be kept away from fire and should be kept in a good sealed state to prevent air and moisture impurities. The product can be effectively stored for 1-2 years.


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