Foaming Agent for Tunnel Borning Machine TBM machine

2019-12-23 15:06:34

Foam agent for tunnel borning machineTBM machine is made of a variety of surfactants, stabilizers, fortifiers, and penetrant compound, and the medium is water.

During the working process, foam agent is mixed with water, and numerous bubbles with the diameter of 30-400 microns are emitted by compressed air in the foaming device of the shield machine cutter, pressure chamber, and soil drain. This product has strong adaptability to different soils, high foaming rate, uniform and delicate, can be widely used in balanced tunnel excavator, can reduce the mechanical wear of tunnel boring machine, adjust the plastic fluidity of soil in the soil warehouse, reduce the permeability of residual soil.

Product Parameter

Foam expansion

Dilution ratio


Colorless clear liquid
7-8 40-50 30-40

Performance characteristics:

(1) Foam has good lubrication effect and specific strength, which can reduce the internal friction angle of the soil in the pressure chamber, improve the fluidity of the excavated soil, prevent the phenomenon of "blocking," and reduce the torque of the cutter head and soil drain, which is conducive to stable driving;

(2) Foam has compressibility, which can improve the compressibility of the improved excavated soil and inhibit the occurrence of the "cake forming" problem. At the same time, the change of soil pressure is small, which is beneficial to the stability of the excavation surface.

(3) Foam has a certain degree of elasticity and lubrication, which can reduce the viscosity of the soil and prevent the excavation soil from sticking to the blade plate of the tunnel boring machine and the inner wall of the pressure chamber, which is conducive to loose excavation;

(4) Foam can replace the water in the gap between the soil particles, improve the water retention of the excavated soil, and prevent the "gushing" phenomenon in the sand stratum with high underground water level;

(5) The improved excavated soil is natural to be excavated and can be used for backfilling, with no residue and no poison, the foam injection device is simple to operate, and the foam has no corrosion to the tunnel boring machine;

(6) The product is non-toxic and non-corrosive, and the bubbles will disappear within two hours with the pressure change after reaching the ground, which can be biodegradable.

Transportation and storage:

(1) This article adopts the 25 kg plastic drum, 200 kg or 1000 kg;

(2)According to the general chemical goods transport, belong to the dangerous goods, to avoid the rain, exposure, and extrusion, prevent fall, collision, keep the packing is in excellent condition;

(3)Store in a dry place, avoid sunlight insolate, shelf life is 24 months.


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