Animal protein foaming agent

2020-01-17 15:37:45

Animal protein cement foaming agent is a new type of foaming agent developed by Tongrun Company based on the performance of the original cement foaming agent, adjusting the process formula, and repeatedly testing. Not only the foaming power is reliable, but the quality of foam concrete is also guaranteed. It can be widely used in floor heating insulation layer, roof insulation layer, self-insulation blocks, lightweight partition boards, fire door core panels, flues, etc.

Performance characteristics

1 The foam surface produced by animal foaming agent has high strength and excellent foam stability. The foamed cement products provided by the foaming agent have a closed state independently of each other, and there is no communication between the bubbles and the bubbles, which makes the foamed cement products have a large permeability improvement.

2. At the same density, animal foaming agent products have better sealing and thermal insulation properties and higher strength than plant foaming agent products.

3. Due to its excellent foam stability, the thickness of the one-time pouring foamed cement can reach 2.8 meters without collapse, so it is more suitable for the production of foamed bricks, lightweight boards, and thin walls.

4, good fluidity: foamed cement has good fluidity and is conducive to molding

5. Typical construction can be carried out when the temperature is around -2C.

6. The animal foaming agent is a natural protein, which is harmless to the human body and environment.

7. Adding a proper amount of sand to the cement has deficient requirements on the quality of the cement as an animal foaming agent. Add the appropriate amount of sand that is beyond the reach of plant foaming agents.

8. When the pipeline is transported for more than 50 layers, the foam will not be damaged during the pumping process.

9. The animal foaming agent has an excellent inhibitory effect on the cracking of the cement during the setting process.


1 Dilute in advance in the proportion of 1 part of foaming agent: 40 parts of water.

2 Insert the pumping pipe of the foaming machine into the diluted foaming liquid, and turn on the start button to foam. The blown foam is passed into the prefabricated cement slurry, and the stirring is continued at a low speed to mix the mortar and foam uniformly.

3 When the appropriate amount of foam is injected according to the bulk density requirement, and the mixture is evenly mixed, the production of foam concrete is completed.

4 The Animal protein cement foaming agent is recommended to add 0.8-1kg animal foaming agent stock solution per cubic foamed cement product


   200kg / barrel, 25kg / barrel, ton barrel

Storage method

The Animal protein cement foaming agent should be sealed and stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse with a temperature of -5 ℃ ~ 25 ℃. If it is exposed to direct sunlight or high temperature for a long time, it will easily cause deterioration.


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