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Foaming Agent for Cast-in-place Wall Solutions for Partition Boards

2020-06-17 15:08:01

Numbering: TR-FA06

The cast-in-place wall is about 1/5-1/10 of ordinary concrete, so the use of foam concrete as the wall material can greatly reduce the weight of the building, increase the height of the floor, and reduce the basic cost by about 10%.

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Description of foaming agent for cast-in-place wall

Foaming agent for cast-in-place wall is mainly used in the construction of cast-in-situ wall of foam concrete, which can achieve a single pouring height of 3 meters or more without collapse. The foaming agent has a firm foam stabilizing force, improves the viscosity of the foam, reduces the fluidity of the foam, and can control the structural stability of the foaming liquid film so that the surfactant molecules are distributed in the liquid film of the bubble in an orderly manner. The foam has good elasticity and self-healing ability.

Parameters of foaming agent for cast-in-place wall




Brown liquid

Bubble diameter


Foam stabilization time


Effective content


4h foam settlement distance


4h bleeding volume


Dilution factor


Performance characteristics of foaming agent for cast-in-place wall

(1) The foaming agent has durable foam stabilizing power and can control the structural stability of the bubble liquid film. It has stable dispersibility in concrete and can evenly disperse and suspend the solid particles in the slurry;

(2) The foam stability is excellent. The foaming agent is made of biological materials and polymer materials through high-temperature chelation. The foam wall shows muscular three-dimensional tension and excellent toughness, which can maintain the foam concrete slurry for a long time. The original state of the stomata before final setting increases the density and stability of the bubble wall, and it will not collapse when poured for 6 meters;

(3) Good affinity with Portland cement. The compatibility of the foaming agent with tricalcium silicate, tetra calcium aluminosilicate, dicalcium silicate and other components in Portland cement was improved during the development of this product, which improved the bonding performance of foaming agent and cement particles, Can adapt to most silicate cement such as slag Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement;

(4) Strong adaptability to different foaming equipment. Because the foaming agent has high stability and foaming capacity, it has excellent flexibility to foaming material with varying pressures of air, flaming barrels, and power. Can adapt to most construction equipment to ensure you get high-quality foam concrete construction quality.

Packing of foaming agent for cast-in-place wall

25kg/drum, 50kg/drum, 200kg/drum and 1000kg/drum. Can also be packaged according to customer needs.

Store of foaming agent for cast-in-place wall

Place the blowing agent in a cool, ventilated warehouse. After opening, please seal in time.


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