Foam concrete special foam stabilizer

2018-07-12 15:03:03

Product Introdution

Foam stabilizers are high-performance foam stabilizers independently developed by the company for foam insulation board industry, self-insulation block industry and light partition wall board industry. This product is a white powder, environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, no stimulation. The use of nano-composite technology to modify the calcium stearate enhancing the stability and reinforcement of calcium stearate. It is also a good enhancer and water repellent.


1、Good dispersion in cement, helping the foam to be stable.

2、Optimize the proportion reasonably.

3The diameter of the foam is around 2mm, and the foam wall is bright, dense, hard. The foam mouth feels sharp and sounds crisp when knocking.

4Does not have any negative effect on the strength and condensation of the product, and has an enhanced effect on the cement

5、Widely applied to a variety of types of cement.


1. First mix the national standard cement, fly ash and foam stabilizer in proportion, add water and stir evenly.

2. Add hydrogen peroxide and stir at high speed for 7-10 seconds. Pour into the mold and let it stand still.

3, added amount: 0.5-1.5KG