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Foam Stabilizer for CLC Blocks Foam Concrete Solution

2020-06-16 13:49:50

Numbering: TR-920

Foam stabilizer for CLC blocks is an admixture of powder foam concrete specially developed for blocks. It can significantly improve the collapse and shrinkage of CLC blocks, and can significantly increase the strength of CLC blocks.

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Description of foam stabilizer for CLC blocks

Foam stabilizer for CLC blocks can improve the stability of the foam, stabilize the bubbles that have been generated, extend the foam half-life, and make the foam more stable. Foam stabilizer for CLC blocks is a new product specially developed for making CLC blocks. Foam stabilizer for CLC blocks can reduce the difference in upper, middle and lower volume density of foam concrete products, make the distribution of pores uniform, significantly improve the pore structure, reduce the number of pores, improve the physical properties (strength) of CLC blocks, and reduce the probability of mold collapse.

Characteristics of foam stabilizer for CLC blocks

(1) Foam stabilizer product is powder, which is more convenient during transportation and use;

(2)Foam stabilizer's water solubility is excellent, and it can be stirred evenly after 1-2 minutes of stirring;

(3) The added amount is small, and it can be added directly during the production process, the added amount is 1.5-2.5kg/m3;

(4) The foam stabilizer can adjust the size and uniformity of the pores, which helps improve CLC blocks;

(5) The foam stabilizer does not have any negative impact on the power and coagulation of CLC blocks and can be applied to a variety of cement.

Usage of foam stabilizer for CLC blocks

It is widely used in the construction of lightweight concrete backfill and thermal insulation of bridges, highways, airstrips, home improvement, and other scales. Especially suitable for reducing mold collapse and shrinkage during the production of CLC blocks.

Recommended amount of foam stabilizer for CLC blocks

The amount of addition can be calculated according to the volume of the CLC blocks mold, which is about 1.5-2.5kg/m3. In the production process, it is necessary to determine the exact amount of addition through experiments.

Storage and transportation of foam stabilizer for CLC blocks

(1)The packaging specification of foam stabilizer is 20 kg/bag, non-toxic and non-flammable, and can be transported as general cargo;

(2)The foam stabilizer should be stored in a cool and dry place to avoid rain and moisture, and the shelf life is 24 months.


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